Relieve Pain with Postpartum Physical Therapy

According to postpartum therapy San Francisco specialists at Pelvis Health and Rehabilitation Center (PHRC), in many countries postpartum physical therapy evaluations are mandatory in order to identify any injuries, restore muscle integrity, and prevent dysfunction and related pain.

All women experience significant changes in their bodies during and after pregnancy. Some women may have minor to severe physical impairments from pregnancy and childbirth. Postpartum physical symptoms that women experience include pain in the low or upper back, neck, wrist and hands, pelvis, pubic bone, and tailbone. Women also can experience painful intercourse, abdominal muscle weakness, an umbilical hernia, and diastasis recti (abdominal separation).

Many women after childbirth want to be able to take care of their newborns while also continuing with their normal activities and exercise program as soon as possible. Practitioners at PHRC physical therapy San Francisco promote their work as “a valuable tool to empower women during the transition to motherhood”.

The stresses of both vaginal deliveries and C-sections can also lead to postpartum myofascial complications. While it is common to hear that pain is normal after giving childbirth, that does mean that women have to deal with it alone. Many of the postpartum symptoms can be easily treated by a postpartum physical therapist.

In many cases, a woman can extremely benefit from manual therapy techniques that help normalize and relax tight tissues. Therapists are also trained in eliminating myofascial trigger points through a soft tissue therapy called myofascial release.  Home exercise programs are also prescribed to speed recovery and help reinforce therapy sessions. Myofascial release San Francisco therapists provide personal exercise programs in order to best heal musculoskeletal dysfunction and eliminate painful symptoms.

A patient at PHRC  recounts her experience and success with postpartum therapy:

“I couldn’t sit for more than 15 minutes without extreme pain, and my favorite weekend activities — cycling and mountain biking — were completely out of the question….Today, eight months later, I am virtually pain-free and again fully enjoying cycling and mountain biking”.

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