Nonprofit Works to Optimize Quality of Medical Care and Costs

For many decades, doctors have been faced with the challenge of prioritizing patient care and the exorbitant medical costs. According to a New York Times article in the Well section, over twenty years ago, the managed care movement took off in efforts to dramatically reduce medical bills and expenses

The problem continues as the need to partner with the medical industry goes ever more apparent. The fact is that the healthcare industry is complex, expensive, and one where costs are difficult to cut

AR Logix, Inc., for example, an industry leader in partnering with medical providers and hospitals in their healthcare accounts receivable service and revenue cycle, are helping to create efficiencies within the medical business.

Recently, a nonprofit organization, Costs of Care are beginning to collaborate with medical educators and health care economists at Harvard Medical School and at the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago to design and make videos and educational materials aimed at transforming medical students education and making clinical decisions regarding quality of care and cost. Their intent is to move their educational modules, called the Teaching Value Project, forward by gaining support from the American Board of Internal Medicine.

The payment patterns and medical collections of the American medical system complicate teaching young doctors how to work the system. The hope is that this will change soon.